Pakistan army angry with Imran Khan, said – those who gave their lives for the country are being maligned

Pakistani Army On Imran Khan: Controversies are often arising regarding the statements of opposition leader and former Prime Minister Imran Khan. In fact, this time during the Faisalabad rally, he also questioned the Pakistan Army while targeting the government. He said that the government is not announcing the general elections because before that it wants to appoint a Chief of Army Staff of its choice. The Pakistani army is angry about this statement.

The Pakistan Army said that it is a matter of regret that attempts were made to defame and weaken the senior leadership of the Pakistan Army at a time when the Army is laying down their lives every day for the safety of the people of the country. It is most unfortunate and disappointing to create controversy over the appointment of the COAS of the Pakistan Army.

It is not right to politicize the army – Pakistan Army

The senior leadership of the Army has years of service to prove its patriotism and professional credentials beyond any doubt. It is neither in the interest of the country nor the institution to politicize the senior leadership of the Pakistan Army and malign the process of selection of the COAS.

tell that, Imran Khan He had also said during the rally that the government wants to take the job of the Chief of Army Staff of its choice and also wants to free itself from the allegations of corruption. He had said that if a patriot and right person sits on the post of Army Chief, then he will definitely talk about the money looted in the country, which the government does not want.

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