Opposition to increase maintenance charge: Residents’ protest continues, bhajan kirtan sitting in BPTP builder’s office

FaridabadOne hour ago

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Residents said that till the builder does not withdraw the increased maintenance charge, the protest will continue.

In BPTP Park Floor to Society, Sector-76, there is a protest against the builder’s increase in the maintenance charge to 44 percent. On Monday, women and men of the society protested at the builder’s office by chanting bhajans for two hours and raising slogans. During this no official of the builder company came. They allege that the builder has increased the maintenance charge arbitrarily. He should be taken back. Residents’ protests will continue until it is taken back.

Explain that the builder company has increased the maintenance charge in the society by 44 percent. Earlier this charge was levied at the rate of 1.95 paise per square feet. But now this rate has been increased to 2.80. The residents allege that the builder increased the maintenance charge without consulting the RWA, which is illegal. On Monday, the people of the society started the march from the gate and sat inside after reaching the BPTP office at Next Door Mall, Sector-76. The protesters demonstrated against the builder with bhajan kirtan for nearly two hours. Residents allege that 672 families live here. People started living here from the year 2008 but even after 14 years neither occupation certificate has been given nor electricity system has been repaired in the society. Arbitrary charges are collected by supplying electricity from generators for about 6 hours a day. On the other hand, the company’s senior vice president Rohit Mohan says that he is ready to hand over the maintenance responsibility to AWA. But no one is coming forward. The reason for this is the high maintenance cost. He says that the company will not be able to get maintenance done in less than this charge. RP Uniyal, Rajiv Bhardwaj, Laxmi Narulla, Rani Bhardwaj, Sukanya, Pushpa Bhati, Nisha Saini, Indra Sharma, OP Verma, JB Saini etc. residents were involved in the protest.

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