Online loan app destroyed family in Indore: Before killing wife and children, wrote in suicide note – I want to live… but now the situation is not like this

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  • Before Killing The Wife And Children, It Was Written In The Suicide Note I Want To Live … But Now The Situation Is Not Like This

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Not being able to repay the installments by taking a loan from the online app was so heavy for an Indore job worker that he took his own life first with his children, then his wife and lastly. Amit Yadav of Sagar, an engineer by profession, had written a two-page suicide note a day before killing his children and wife and committing suicide himself. In which he told that he loved his mother and younger brother very much. He wrote ‘I will come back brother, you will become a very big man’, while wrote for the mother, ‘Mummy, I am going.’

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Amit Yadav, working in a telecom company from Sagar to Indore, on Tuesday first killed his three-year-old daughter, one-and-a-half-year-old son and wife by poisoning them, as soon as his death was confirmed, he himself tied a cloth on his face and hanged himself. But swung. Amit had a debt of about Rs 3 lakh. In the suicide note, he also wrote that there is no need to repay the loan after death, so no member of my family should deposit the loan installments.

Amit narrated all his pain before giving his life. Read his written suicide note…

I am Amit Yadav writing this letter in my full senses. I also have the desire to live, but my circumstances are no longer like this. Man I’m not bad. It’s nobody’s fault, it’s mine. I have taken loan from many online apps. Like, I am not able to pay loan on True Balance, Mobi Pocket, Money View, Smart Coin, Rufilo. I am taking this step out of fear of honour. Please police do not disturb my family like parents, mother-in-law and father-in-law. I am guilty.

Amit told in the suicide note that he had taken loan from many online apps. Which he was unable to pay.

Mom I’m going…

Let me tell one special thing to my family that the loan is of PAN card. If the PAN card holder dies, the loan ceases to exist. No one needs to pay my loan. I want to say about a few more people in this. I love my brother and parents very much. My family members do not fight amongst themselves, this is my last wish. Must read this letter to my family members. Mom I’m going…
Amit had written this two-page suicide note on August 22, a day before the suicide-murder.

Amit had written this two-page suicide note on August 22, a day before the suicide-murder.

Only eight and a half hundred rupees in bank account
850 in my bank account. Is. I am voluntarily transferring it to my brother and friend who supported me step by step. There is a lot of depression and now it cannot be tolerated. I got along very well with my parents. Mother-in-law has also met good, I was bad. Please don’t fight with each other, it will hurt my soul.

Debt-ridden Amit had done love marriage five years ago.

Debt-ridden Amit had done love marriage five years ago.

I will come back brother…death is only of the body…
Wrote for my younger brother – I will come back brother…. You become a very big man, this is my wish. Take a look at my body with a laugh. The battle of life has been lost. Please… show this to my family members. In the end it was written- ‘Death is only of the body….’

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It is fatal to take loan from online app

These days, links are being sent on social media through many online apps to give instant loans to the people. Many people especially youth are applying for loan by opening these links or searching by themselves. In this, by taking the Aadhar card, bank pass book, PAN card, mobile number of acquaintances etc., immediately passing the loan and transferring the amount to their account. Then after a few days pressure is made for recovery with strong interest. This pressure is created only through WhatsApp calls and messages. These gangs constantly harass with different mobile numbers.

If the amount is not filled, the photo of the concerned person (boy-girl) with any other objectionable status is sent to him. Along with this, it is warned that if the amount is not deposited in 24 hours, then all the contacts of his will be sent these photos. Along with this, all his contact numbers and photos of Facebook etc. are sent to the concerned and they are told to hack the mobile. Many such complaints have reached the cyber cell and crime branch these days.

Recently, a young man was about to commit suicide and told the family about the debt. He complained to the crime branch. State Cyber ​​Cell SP Jitendra Singh said that youths are getting trapped in the loan immediately. They should avoid opening such links and do not send them your documents.

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