Old Akali Market demolished in Amritsar: SGPC action; shops demolished; Fury among shopkeepers after seeing the loss of goods

Amritsar24 minutes ago

Broken shops of Akali Market.

The Akali Market, built for the people who came from Pakistan after partition, was demolished by the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) on Tuesday. The SGPC task force arrived today with a ditch machine and took action. The shopkeepers allege that they were not given time to remove the goods. Due to which their belongings worth lakhs of rupees have been buried under the rubble.

Shopkeepers gathered in Akali market.

Councilor Jagdeep Singh Narula told that here SGPC is going to build an inn for the travelers coming to the Golden Temple. This is a good thing, but how far is it justified to destroy the shopkeepers and make sarais. People were working here for three generations and in a jiffy the SGPC demolished their shops. Didn’t even give them time to get the stuff out. Not only this, SGPC’s Sulkhan Singh had arrived with the task force with swords. Those who got the forced shops vacated and the goods were not even allowed to be removed. This action was taken at about 50 shops in the entire market.

talk at the table

The shopkeepers say that they are not against the construction of sarais at SGPC. But it is also not right to remove people sitting here for 60 to 70 years. The shopkeepers have the rent debits and documents. The conversation had already taken place, even then it was asked to sit at the table and talk. Even today SGPC should sit at the table and talk and think of settling these shopkeepers elsewhere.

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