No black cloth allowed in PM’s program: Instruct the police- Laundry soap should not go inside; The words written on the t-shirt – see also the photo

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Several instructions have been issued to the Punjab Police for the security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is visiting Punjab after the security lapse in Ferozepur. The police personnel posted at the entry gate were told that no black cloth should enter. Laundry soap and rope should also not go. Keep an eye on people’s clothes too. There should not be any objectionable word or photo on anyone’s t-shirt.

The PM’s program should not be disturbed under the guise of these things, so instructions have been handed over to the policemen on duty after making a complete list of it. Along with PM Modi, Punjab Governor BL Purohit and CM Bhagwant Mann will also attend this program.

These 24 things will not go in the pandal

  • Rope
  • sports goods
  • walkie talkie
  • lighter or match
  • drill, hammer, nails etc.
  • water bottle,liquid
  • water bottle opener
  • scissors, knife, any sharp iron object
  • any kind of chemical
  • any flammable substance
  • Nail cutter
  • laundry soap etc.
  • Any remote, wireless accessories
  • anything sharp
  • Satchel charge
  • football, ball
  • T-shirt with offensive words or photos
  • Any gel or lady makeup item
  • any kind of black cloth or handkerchief
  • Any kind of black spray, black ink or paint
  • magnifying glass
  • Any kind of banner or paper print out copy
  • any flag other than the national flag
  • No pen, pencil will go in

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