Nikku reached Golden Temple: bowed head with family, said – I had gone astray, now I am in the shelter of Guru Nanak Dev

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Singer Nikku reached Golden Temple with family.

Punjabi singer Inderjit Singh Nikku reached the Golden Temple with his family for the first time after the video controversy. Where he accepted his mistake and talked about coming to the refuge of the gurus. At the same time, thank you for the love you are getting from all over the world. Nikku reached the Golden Temple late in the night and spent a lot of time in the Golden Temple.

Nikku remained inside the Golden Temple till late in the night.

Singer Nikku said that a misguided person reaches his destination. Today I have reached the rate of Baba Nanak. At the same time, he also thanked Guru Nanak Dev Ji and told that he is getting love from all over the world. After his video went viral, people are calling him and offering help. He told that he did not want the money. People should not come under their guise and put money in the account of any fake person.
Singer Nikku takes kadah prasad before bowing his head at the Golden Temple.

Singer Nikku takes kadah prasad before bowing his head at the Golden Temple.

protested after the video went viral

Singer Nikku told that some people opposed him after the video went viral. But after the blessings of Guru Sahib, he is getting love from all over the world. He thanked everyone during the darshan at the Golden Temple and prayed for his fans.

Know what was the video controversy

A few days ago a video of Indrajit Nikku started going viral on social media. In which he was bowing before the saint inside a tent. In this video Indrajit Nikku expressed the pain of not getting work from the saint. Nikku was also seen in this video asking for help from the saint and also told about his financial condition in front of the Hindu saint.

Nikku was clearly seen speaking in this video that he is in debt and he is not getting any work in the industry. Due to which he has also come under mental stress. Singer Nikku’s protest started a lot after this video went viral. But the Punjab singer came in his favor and promised help.

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