Neighbor Guttham Guttha in land dispute, VIDEO: Ward number 3 BJP councilor from Shahpur and neighboring women fight

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The video of a fight between a woman councilor of BJP and a neighboring woman in Shahpur, Betul is becoming fiercely viral here on Monday. On this incident which took place after the land dispute, the police have registered an FIR against both the parties on Monday.

It is being told that there has been a dispute between BJP councilor Neetu Gupta’s husband Shakti and their neighbor Sanjay Gupta over the construction of the wall of the house for a long time. This dispute has reached the court. The same controversy took a new form on Sunday as well. It is being told that when the councilor’s neighbor Sanjay started the work of the house, councilor Neetu and neighbor Sanjay’s wife Varsha clashed with each other. This dispute increased so much that the matter reached till the fight. During this, the councilor and the neighboring woman got into a tussle with each other. Which was separated by the people standing around. Later, both the parties lodged an FIR in Shahpur police station accusing each other of assault.

Investigating officer of Shahpur police station NK Pal said that the dispute between the councilor and his neighbor is going on for the last three days. Both the parties were summoned to the police station and counseled. On which the matter was settled. Both sides fought again. In this case, the matter is being investigated by registering an FIR against the councilor and his neighbors today.

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