National Nutrition Week 2022: Guilt-free healthy snacking options during Ganesh Chaturthi

Snacking nowadays plays a vital role in everyone’s life where snacking while reading books or in the middle of the night or in between busy meetings is a great idea but frequently and mindlessly munching on sugar-loaded and nutrient-deficient snacks, which do not help boost your energy, promote good health or mood, is not advisable. Everyone wants to be in good health all the time thus, mindful and honest snacking is essential.

We need to rethink what we eat and how we approach eating and according to health experts, it is about being smart with your snacks and making every little thing you eat count. After the global pandemic, we felt the importance of staying physically fit and healthy as physical fitness improves the overall quality of life and makes you feel more confident than even before.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Ruchika Bhangdiya, Founder of Dibha, suggested, “Keep a jar of salted cashew nuts or peri peri almonds at your work desk or carry a jar of dates for your on-the-go work meetings. A small quantity of makhanas or dry fruits will give you enough energy and satisfy your hunger cravings. A snack should be healthy, tasty, satisfying, and filling as well. A guilt-free snacking which provides a wide range of dry fruits, dehydrated fruits, makhanas, puffs, coffees, green teas, juices and iced teas will keep you healthy and fit.”

She added, “Nuts are a great source of protein and iron along with being highly nutritious, rich in proteins, vitamins, dietary fibers and minerals with lots of benefits. Dehydrated fruits and nuts can be healthy and delicious snacks for your tummy in between your meals. Inclusion of power seeds to your diet is a great way to boost your immunity and increase the intake of protein and fiber which also promotes weight loss.” Additionally, she recommeded:

1. Mix dry fruit snacks provides nutrition and energy.

2. Makhanas are tasty and crunchy to have

3. Kashmiri kahwa has its own benefits of all home ingredients foods.

4. Power seeds are very much beneficial for your health. It provides Omega 3, fiber, magnesium, calcium and iron.

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