Moonlighting Cheating: Wipro Chairman Rishad Premji accuses Moonlighting of being a fraud!

Moonlighting Cheating: Rishad Premji, chairman of IT company Wipro, has discussed moonlighting practice in the IT sector.Moonlighting Practice) has been termed as fraud. The former chairman of NASSCOM has expressed his views on Twitter. Actually, moonlighting in the tech industry means that while living in one job, the trend of working in another place has increased, especially since Corona has knocked. Still many IT professionals are doing work from home. The trend of moonlighting has increased during work from home. Rishad Premji tweeted on social media platform Twitter that these days employees moonlighting is in discussion in the tech industry. I want to say very clearly and simply, this is a complete fraud.

Net profit of the company stood at Rs 2,563.6 crore

In fact, the concept of second job is emerging rapidly in the tech industry, due to which the performance of the employees has been affected. Recently, Wipro has held and has not paid the variable pay of its mid and senior level employees for the June quarter. The company has taken this decision this quarter due to pressure in operating margins. At the same time, it has been decided not to give any variable pay to the C-Suite level managers. At the same time, from freshers to team leaders, a variable pay equal to 70 percent will be given. The company did not pay the variable this time due to lack of talent, shrinking margins and declining investment in the tech sector. Wipro’s margin declined by 21 per cent in the first quarter of the current financial year. The company’s net profit during this period has been Rs 2,563.6 crore.

What is Moonlighting?

This concept has increased after the increasing trend of work from home during the Corona period. Moonlighting cheating means that along with regular job, keep working in other places secretly. IT sector work from home is going on. In such a situation, the employees are earning extra by working in a company other than the other.

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