MLA Angural jumped into Dr. Johal controversy: Opened front against National Vice President of IMA, Dr. Navjot Dahiya, said – do not mislead

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  • MLA Jalandhar West Sheetal Angural Open Front Against IMA Vice President, Leveled Serious Allegations On Dr. Navjot Dahiya, Told Don’t Mislead

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File photo of MLA Sheetal Angural, who reached Johal Hospital on the night of the incident.

Jalandhar West MLA Sheetal Angural has opened a front against Dr Navjot Dahiya, the National Vice President of IMA, who came out in favor of Johal in the Jalandhar district of Jalandhar district. He made many serious allegations against Dr Dahiya and said that he is a Congress leader and is supporting lies to shine his politics.

Going live on his social media handle, MLA Angural said that in the demonstration outside the DC-CP office on Friday, Dr Dahiya had brought his hospital staff by intimidation. He accused Dr Dahiya and said that he is the famous doctor of Jalandhar, who gives false MLR to people for taking money and getting prescriptions.

He said that the Congress leader and Dr. Dahiya, who lost the election on Congress ticket from Nakodar, is doing this drama to bake his political bread. I have no enmity with Dr. Johal. Nor have I ever met Dr Johal. He said that he is fighting for justice for just one sister whose life was taken by Dr Johal and his staff.

Dr. Navjot Dahiya along with IMA officials reached CP to get the case registered against Dr. BS Johal canceled

He said that late in the night when he came to know that a person from his area was suffering at Johal Hospital, he had called Dr. Johal. He has a recording of his conversation with the doctor. Doctor Johal said that by paying money, take the dead body, otherwise he knows everything from rites to karma. After this he reached the hospital to get justice for the poor family.

He said that if Dr Johal says that he is fine, then face the law, why has he kept on hiding. If Dr Johal is proved right, then he does not mind even apologizing to him. The MLA said that there was a murder in his hospital, the child was disappeared from above. When the police came to the hospital, they told that the child was admitted to a hospital on Karpurthala Road.

MLA Angural said that it is a matter of great surprise that the child was not even shown to the parents. The father kept asking for the child, but he was not shown the child and without informing him the child was sent to another hospital. Sheetal Angural made the statement of Dr. Dahiya that only 3 thousand rupees had been deposited. In response to this, showing receipts, he said that 80 thousand rupees have been paid in the hospital.

He said that Doctor Dahiya is threatening to throw him out of the city. He probably will not be able to drive them out of the city, if they come on their own, they will go to a meeting on their rates regarding the scheduled caste society and will not let them out of the house. He has received several calls from Valmiki Samaj, Ravidassia Samaj to shut down the city, block Ramamandi Chowk, but he refuses to do so.

His party’s government is in power and the administration has taken the right action against Dr. Johal. He will bring justice to his late sister.

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