MDA board meeting canceled: VC did not send agenda to members, angry commissioner canceled meeting

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Madhusudan Hulgi, vice-chairman of Moradabad Development Authority.

Commissioner Anjaneya Kumar Singh has canceled the board meeting of Moradabad Development Authority which is going to be held on August 26. The commissioner has done this after receiving complaints from the board members. A member of the board had complained to the commissioner from Vikas Jain that the agenda of the meeting has not been made available to the members yet. In such a situation, how can the members express their opinion on any issue in the board meeting.

In fact, the Moradabad Development Authority has remained an arena for the last eight months. The MDA was divided into two camps due to the cold war between the first VC Madhusudan Hulgi and the then secretary Sarvesh Gupta. Sometimes the talk of installing voice recorders with cameras in the secretary’s room came to the fore, and sometimes the secretary was accused of instigating the engineers against the VC.

Moradabad’s master plan 2031 has got entangled in this tussle between the officers. The board meeting was going to be held regarding this. But the agenda was not made available to the board members as per rules.

After the complaint received from the member of the board, the commissioner has directed the VC to cancel the board meeting scheduled to be held on August 26. Fix the date of the board meeting afresh and make available the minutes of the board three days before the meeting to all the members as per rules.

MDA could not remove the objections of the master plan

The MDA had sought objections from the public on the master plan. On these objections, MDA VC Madhusudan Hulgi was to be heard by May 7 and disposed of them. But the MDA VC has not been able to settle these objections yet. In the meantime, some person filed a PIL in the High Court, saying that there were irregularities in the master plan. Since then this whole matter has been hanging.

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