Manjari Fadnnis on finally getting her due in Bollywood: I was typecast for into roles that had no layers

There was a time when actor Manjari Fadnnis was bored of the roles coming her way, with nothing for her to do, but now things have changed for her. She says people now look at her seriously in the profession.

She credits OTT space for reviving her career, and her interest in the profession. “The web space has been a complete blessing for me, not just me, but it has been a blessing for the entire industry and community. Now, people are not scared of experimenting with different concepts, in fact the audience has also evolved, and they want to see new different things,” says Fadnnis, who was last seen in web series, Miya Biwi Aur Murder.

The actor continues, “It has opened up a lot of avenues for a lot of actors. In this space, people don’t care about the world type casting thing. Like, I was typecast for a very long time into the whole role where I had nothing to do, had no layers or shape to it. It was just so boring”.

Fadnnis, who has featured in projects such as Faltu, Grand Masti, Mr. Fraud and Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon, admits that she was “bored out of my mind playing those roles”.

For her, things changed with the release of web series Barot House. “It showed a new side of me to the industry as it was very performance-oriented. Now, OTT has been giving me that kind of space to explore as an actor and I cannot be more happy. At this stage in my career, I am getting much better roles.”

Citing example of her last show, Miya Biwi Aur Murder, the actor explains, “The script was quite crazy… I was literally thinking who thinks like that because every situation in the script is so whacked out and unique, and was something I have not played before — a role of a bored wife obsessed with crime shows, who try to hide a crime herself. It came with grey shades.”

That’s why she is finally getting her due in the industry. “It has started in a good way. And it is a very good beginning. Now, filmmakers look at me in a more serious way, and as an actor who can perform, which thrills me,” she ends.

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