Mallika Sherawat reacts to being called sex symbol: Kaise change karun iss image ko? I don’t know how to

Mallika Sherawat is happy staying away from the rat race of Bollywood. Not even up for PR strategies to be in the news, she shuttles between US and India for work, and chill with it.

“What do I say, I am so out of touch with PR and all! I can only speak for myself, I have been a very honest person, and sometimes I have gotten into a lot of trouble because of that. I don’t pay attention to what other actors are doing, or what their PRs are doing,” admits the actor, recently seen in the film RK/RKay.

And since she doesn’t stick to what’s a norm today for any actor, she also doesn’t care about her social media game. In fact, she detests it, and says, “I don’t like social media. I hate it. I am not on the internet, I feel there is so much negativity out there. I don’t want to subject myself to someone else’s opinion of me.”

Sherawat might be out of touch with the internet, but the internet hasn’t forgotten her. Her debut film, Murder, had established her as a glamorous actor, and her Wikipedia page calls her one of India’s ‘sex symbols’. Did she have a problem with this image, and does she feel it’s problematic for a woman to be reduced to just that?

She quips, “Mujhe pata bhi nahi likhta kaun hai yeh! Do people take Wikipedia seriously? I don’t. Abhi kya karein, change kaise karein iss image ko. I don’t even know how, I don’t pay attention to it. However people want to perceive me, it’s their attitude. I just have to focus on what I am doing.”

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