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Yoga is recommended as an overall workout routine that helps in strengthening the body and the mind as well. Yoga, however, is thought to be not a part of the workout routine for athletes. People involved in various sports activities often opt for high intensity workouts and refrain from taking up yoga in their routine. However, yoga is for everyone. Especially, yoga helps in improving the athletic performance and should be incorporated in the daily fitness routine. It helps in improving the core strength and stability. It also helps in improving the balance and focus of the body – some of the most primary things needed in athletics. Yoga also helps in improving flexibility and range of motion of the body.

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Sarvesh Shashi, yoga trainer to several Bollywood celebrities such as Malaika Arora and Jacqueline Fernandez, keeps sharing yoga related insights and information on her Instagram profile on a regular basis. The trainer is known for listing out yoga asanas targeting several illnesses and range of muscles. He also speaks of the benefits of the yoga asanas. Sarvesh, on Saturday, made our weekend better with a list of yoga asanas that are to be practised by athletes. “Athletes who are wondering if yoga is really for you. Here’s the answer. 5 yoga asanas that are a must-do for you. Manage pain, treat your muscles with care and work on your mental focus,” read an excerpt of her post. Take a look at the yoga asanas listed by Sarvesh:

Cat Cow Pose



Ananda Balasana

Anulom Vilom

The yoga asanas, as noted down by Sarvesh, comes with multiple health benefits. Cat Cow Pose helps in improving posture and balance, while Utkatasana helps in improving core strength and relieving stiffness in the shoulders, back arms and legs. Tadasana, on the other hand, helps in improving agility and blood circulation. Ananda Balasana helps in easing stress and anxiety, and lowering the heart rate. Anulom Vilom, also known as alternate nostril breathing, helps in improving patience, control and boosting the cardiovascular health.

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