Malaika Arora stretches her body for a strong core in new yoga video, fan says ‘Bollywood’s fitness queen’: Watch

For Malaika Arora, fitness is equal to yoga. The star is known for trying different workout routines to stay in shape and be healthy. However, she favours the ancient practice of yoga more and is often snapped by the paparazzi outside her yoga studio in Mumbai. She even shared short videos on her social media page to inspire fans to hit the gym and adopt a workout routine to stay fit. Even for her new video, Malaika shared a yoga asana to help her followers achieve a strong core and great spinal health.

Malaika Arora does Cat Cow Pose One Leg variation

On Monday, Malaika Arora posted a new video as a part of her weekly Malaika’s Move Of The Week series. The clip shows Malaika showing off her flexibility as she does a yoga asana known to build a strong core, spinal health, good posture, balance, and body stability. She did yoga’s Cat Cow Pose One Leg variation and asked her followers to do a ten-count repetition on both sides for a great sweat at the gym. Check out the video below. (Also Read: Malaika Arora and Gauri Khan are the best-dressed divas in chic looks at a bash with Arjun Kapoor, and more stars)

Malaika Arora also penned a note with her video. It reads, “Hello everyone, this move of the week focuses on the core. A strong core not only helps in toning your muscles but adds power and helps improve your everyday tasks. It promotes – spinal health, good posture, balance, and body stability. For me, yoga has always been the go-to workout for strengthening my core muscles. So this week, remix this reel and do 10 repetitions on both sides to work up a great sweat.”

Malaika’s post got a lot of love from her fans who took to the comments section to praise the star. One user wrote, “Bollywood’s fitness queen.” Another fan commented, “Nice exercise for back pain.” A few others dropped fire and heart emoticons.

Cat Cow Pose One Leg variation Benefit:

Apart from the core, the Cat-Cow Pose One Leg variation focuses on the arms, shoulders, lower back, upper back, feet, ankles, hamstrings, hips, and knees. It is an intermediate-level yoga pose that is performed in a kneeling position and helps stretch your body. Additionally, the synchronized breath and body movements help one relax and ease the day’s stress.

So, are you trying out this asana today?

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