Major accident in Iraq’s holy city of Karbala, mosque collapsed due to landslide, seven killed, many injured

Mosque Collapse In Iraq: A major accident has occurred in Karbala, the holy city of Shia Muslims, about fifty kilometers from Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. There, a mosque was engulfed due to a landslide, which killed a total of seven people, including a child.

On Saturday, a landslide occurred at the Qatrat al-Imam Ali shrine near the holy city of Karbala, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) south of Baghdad. According to Iraqi civil defense officials, debris from the landslide damaged the roof of the shrine, bringing all the debris inside the building.

How did the accident happen?
Due to the sudden intrusion of this debris, the people present in the building came under its grip and a total of seven people, including a child, four women, died. The Civil Defense has so far rescued a total of six people from the building.

Why did the family hold the government responsible?
On Monday, rescue workers took the help of bulldozers to clear the debris so that relief and rescue operations could be expedited. While talking to the media, one of the relatives of those killed held the government responsible. He said that if the government had been alert and issued a landslide warning in the area in advance, then such an accident would not have happened.

Why did the landslide happen?
At the same time, according to the Civil Defense, the clear reasons for the landslide have not been ascertained. According to experts, humidity can also be a reason for landslides. After this incident, where the injured have been admitted to the hospital, relief and rescue operations are being carried out at the site of the accident.

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