Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in New York was vandalized twice within two weeks, what kind of hatred?

New York City: A statue of Mahatma Gandhi outside a temple in New York City was vandalized twice within two weeks. After attacking this monument for the second time, six people smashed it with a hammer. Local police quoted The New York Post as saying – a life-size statue of Gandhi standing outside the Tulsi Temple in South Richmond Hill, New York, was hit with a hammer at around 1:30 on Tuesday. has been broken from.

Consulate of India condemned

The Indian consulate on Friday condemned the demolition of Mahatma Gandhi’s statue outside a Hindu temple here and took up the matter with the US authorities so that those responsible for the act could be held accountable. The embassy said a statue of Mahatma Gandhi was vandalized with a hammer by unidentified men after it was damaged outside a Hindu temple in Queens earlier this month, possibly as part of a hate crime.

“It strongly condemns the demolition of a statue of Mahatma Gandhi outside a temple in Queens, New York,” the consulate said in a statement. We have taken up this matter with the US authorities and called for a thorough investigation so that those responsible for such a heinous act can be held accountable. ,

The founder of the temple said – very sad

Pandit Maharaj, the founder of the temple, said, “It is very sad to know that Gandhi represents peace and that someone will come and vandalize the idol by targeting him.” According to the New York Post report, the same statue was toppled on August 3, sparking community outrage against hate crimes and a press conference across the country.

According to police, suspects in Tuesday morning’s incident had come in two cars, a white Mercedes Benz and a dark colored car, possibly a Toyota Camry, possibly used as a dress cab, and reported the incident. He ran away.

Cityline Ozone Park Citizen Patrol tweeted “We are deeply saddened to learn about the vandalism at Tulsi Temple last night. This is not the first time something like this has happened. This must stop. Let us work together to send a clear message Should be a hate crime against any religion and it will not be tolerated.”

Assembly member said – hatred towards Hindus is increasing

Jennifer Rajkumar, the first Hindu-American elected legislature in New York State, said it was done out of hatred. He said that donors have offered to pay to build the statue again. The official called for the criminals to be “rapidly arrested, charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”.

According to the New York Post, the Hate Crime Task Force of the New York Police Department is investigating the August 16 incident and has been informed of the August 3 vandalism.

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