Leakage of Karam Dam increased the government’s concern: Water Resources Minister will come today to see Tavadam of Narmadapuram

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Tawa Dam.

The government is concerned about the dams and dams of MP after the negligence and corruption came to the fore due to leakages in the Karam Dam in Dhar district. The government is keeping an eye on the new and old dams of the state. So that the situation like Karam Dam of Dhar does not arise for the second time in the state. With which Water Resources Minister Tulsiram Silavat is coming to Narmadapuram on August 24. Minister Silavat will reach Tawabandh Narmadapuram at 12.30 am. Will inspect Silavat Tavadam and discuss with the officials. Will leave for Bhopal at 2:30 pm. The minister is coming to Tawanagar for the second time. Earlier, he had come to release water in the canals for the summer season moong crop. Then he was accompanied by Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel.

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