Leader of Opposition Gulabchand Kataria’s apology: Apologized to Bari society through letter, ignored Valmiki society

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Through the letter, Kataria has apologized to the Bari society, but has ignored the Valmiki community.

Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Gulabchand Kataria has once again apologized for his controversial remarks. He apologized this time but did not even mention Valmiki Samaj. In such a situation, Kataria’s troubles do not appear to be diminishing. Here, even after the apology, the resentment in the Valmiki society regarding Kataria should be pacified. Chances are less.

Let us inform that in the past, in the Pannadhaya statue unveiling ceremony held on the sail of Govardhan Sagar, he had given a controversial statement regarding Kirat Bari. Since then there was resentment in the Bari society and Valmiki society. In this case, on Monday, Leader of Opposition Gulabchand Kataria apologized but only to the society. Valmiki Samaj was ignored in this letter. Whereas Valmiki Samaj has given a warning till 7 September. Here, the resentment of Valmiki society still remains.

In the letter issued on Monday, Gulabchand Kataria considered Kirat Bari as his turn and rectified his mistake but the mistake of using unconstitutional words for Valmiki society remained the same. In the apology letter, Kataria kept reiterating the poems of the poet Masoom again and again. But there was no mention of Valmiki Samaj anywhere in it.

wrote this in the letter
In the letter issued, he said that at the time of the dedication of the idols of Pannadhay, Udai Singh and Chandan in Udaipur, I had Kirat Kaka, who put Udai Singh ji in a crate and put false leaves and took him out of the safe palace, he was actually from Mewar. Known as the Golden History. The words I also used while describing Keerat Kaka are taken from the poem Panna Ka Sacrifice by poet Niranjan Masoom sung in Mewar. Due to no opposition to that poem so far, the words he used for Kirat Kaka are really going to stir the entire public of Bari society. I tried to read various types of text books, plays and material available about him, in which Dr. Rajkumar Verma’s play of Deepdan is the main one. In which the writings of Kirat Kaka Bari society have been depicted.

He said that it is natural for the Bari society to be angry. I had no intention of insulting the society, but only to take this contribution of Kirat Kaka to the masses.

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