Late night attack on youth in Ludhiana: Chhoti Jawaddi incident, 20 to 25 youths attacked with sharp weapons, 1 serious

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Health worker stitching Deepu in the civil hospital.

Some youths attacked the youth standing outside the house at around 11.45 pm on Sunday night in the area Choti Jawadi in Ludhiana, Punjab. It is being told that the number of attackers was so high that a single youth could not compete with them. The attackers also attacked him with sharp weapons with the intention of killing him. The same accused also ransacked outside his house.

The attackers fled from the spot after seeing the residents of the area gathering. The bleeding youth was brought to the Civil Hospital. The injured youth was identified as Deepu. It is being told that this attack happened due to old enmity. Deepu’s nephew studies in a college. There, some youth had an argument with him about something. Friends of the injured Deepu at the spot told that the same youths attacked Deepu tonight.

According to the same doctors, about 8 to 10 stitches are being put in Deepu’s head. According to the doctors, the bleeding is not stopping but the injury is more. The wound on the head is deep. The people of the area have informed the police of the police station Sadar about the incident.

Police are checking the CCTV cameras installed in the area. Once the accused are identified, immediate action will be taken.

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