Knife incidents seen from London to New York, Japan

Stabbing Cases: In Saskatchewan, Canada, there has been a major attack killing 10 people in knife attacks at 13 places. It is being told that 15 people have also been injured in this incident. These attacks have taken place in the James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon areas. After the incident, the police is looking for two suspects.

It is being told that the picture of two suspects has been taken by the police, which has been released by the police. Their names are Damien Sanderson and Miles Sanderson. Both have carried out this incident while roaming in a black car. Let us tell you, after the incident, the police has imposed a civil emergency.

There have been reports of knife attacks from all over the world. Let’s see what happened when…


In the year 2014, a similar incident was seen in Kanming, the capital of China’s Greece province. At the railway station here, 8 people had attacked a mob. 31 people died in this attack while 141 were seriously injured.


In the year 2016, an incident of knife-wielding was seen in the city of Tokyo, Japan. 19 people lost their lives in this attack. It was told that this attack took place at a center built for disabled people. 26 people were seriously injured in this incident.


In the year 2017 in London, 8 people were killed in a knife-pelting incident. The attackers carried out this incident at 10 pm in which 8 people lost their lives while 48 people were injured. It was told that 5 members of the police force were also injured in this incident.

New York

In recent days, an assailant in New York attacked the famous writer Salman Rushdie with a knife. The attacker made several blows in 20 seconds after which he was immediately arrested.

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