Kim Cattrall wanted no scene with other girls as condition to join And Just Like That, reveals source

The recent report that actor Kim Cattrall would come back to reprise her iconic role of Samantha Jones for the Season 2 of And Just Like That shocked many. Now, sources have revealed that the actor had in place some specific conditions only after which did she agree to return to the series after skipping the final season. (Also read: Sarah Jessica Parker says she wouldn’t want Kim Cattrall in And Just Like That: ‘There’s too much public history’)
Despite feud with Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall is set to return to And Just Like That.

Feud between Sarah and Kim

Kim Cattrall had earlier talked about the feud between her and the three other actors of the show- mainly with Sarah Jessica Parker. She had taken to social media a few years ago to criticize Sarah Jessica Parker’s public condolences after the death of her brother. In her post, Cattrall accused her of exploiting her family tragedy for her own personal gain. The actor also recently posted on Instagram about the announcement of her return to the show, and wrote in the caption: “Happy Pride.”

Kim’s conditions for return

Now, it has been revealed that Kim has secretly filmed a cliffhanger episode for the upcoming spinoff season 2 of And Just Like That. Kim had not appeared for the first season of the spinoff, so the news came as a shock to everyone on set. Now according to sources reported by Page Six, it has been revealed that the actor had some specific demands in place. “Kim had two stipulations -—one, that she would not act with any of the other girls, and two, she did not want to see Michael Patrick King.” said a source.

Additionally, the actor who had a fall out with Sarah during the filming of Sex and the City years ago, is said to have received huge compensation amount for her return to the show. “She will have gotten a s–tload of money. It just shows the power of Kim. They still need her on the show. But even though this may get fans thinking she’ll be back for the next season, she’ll never do that. She was treated poorly. I’m glad she gets to be the hero … I’m sure it took a lot of massaging to make the cameo happen.” the source revealed.

And Just Like That Season 2 premieres Thursday, June 22, on Max.

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