Kalyugi son’s act: fatal attack on father if money is not given for liquor

Jabalpur39 minutes ago

In Jabalpur, a Kalyugi son attacked his father with a knife for not giving money for liquor. The accused son fled from the spot after carrying out the incident. At the same time, the injured father reached the police station buried in the water while raining with his wife covered in blood. Police station in-charge Rakesh Tiwari noticed that the injured elderly man is covered in blood and his condition is critical. He immediately put the elderly in his car and sent it to the medical college for treatment.

Gadha police station in-charge Rakesh Tiwari told that he was coming inside the police station when he saw an elderly man who was bleeding from his back standing outside the police station with his wife. After seeing this, information was taken from the elder about the incident and he was sent to the medical college. The injured elder told the police that his son always beats him up and asks for money for liquor. Today, when the elder refused to give money to the son, the son attacked him with a knife and injured him. Police station in-charge Rakesh Tiwari sent the injured to the medical college in his car and informed about the entire incident to the concerned police station Sanjeevani Nagar.

The injured elderly person lives in Chaudhary locality under Sanjeevani Nagar police station. It is generally seen that the police of the police station in the area where the incident takes place intervenes in that whole matter. Despite this, forgetting all this, the Garha police station not only sent an injured elderly person to the medical college for treatment, but also started the search for the accused son along with the concerned police station.

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