Judicial Reforms Sangharsh Samiti did big for the lawyers: In case of death of any lawyer in an accident, the committee will give financial assistance of one lakh and 50 thousand in case of injury.

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  • In Case Of Death Of Any Lawyer In An Accident, One Lakh And In Case Of Injury, The Committee Will Give Financial Assistance Of 50 Thousand

FaridabadOne hour ago

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Advocate LN Parashar, President of Judicial Reforms Struggle Committee

  • The committee has so far distributed about 15,000 legal books worth lakhs of rupees to the young lawyers associated with the District Bar Association. Judicial Reforms Sangharsh Samiti is again starting coaching classes for young lawyers for Judiciary Examination from next month.

Judicial Reforms Sangharsh Samiti has made a big announcement in the interest of the lawyers of the District Bar Association. If a lawyer dies in an accident, he will get financial help of Rs 1 lakh and in case of injury, Rs 50,000. Announcing this on Sunday, Advocate LN Parashar, former head of the District Bar Association and chairman of the Judicial Reforms Struggle Committee, said that he would give this financial help from his personal funds. His announcement has been appreciated by the lawyers. About three thousand lawyers practice in the Faridabad court. Many of these lawyers are such whose financial condition is not good. In such a situation, if an accident happens to a lawyer, then his family will get a lot of help from this amount. Parashar said that if a lawyer meets with an accident, his family will have to submit an application for financial assistance to the District Bar Association’s office. If someone is unable to offer prayers there for any reason, then the relatives of the lawyer can directly contact the chairman of the committee. Parashar said that he will do whatever help is possible in the interest of the lawyer colleagues. He has made this announcement only to help the lawyers.

15 thousand law books have been distributed to young lawyers

Judicial Reforms Sangharsh Samiti is doing many beneficial works for the lawyers. According to the chairman of the committee, Parashar, his organization has so far distributed about 15,000 law books worth lakhs of rupees to the young lawyers associated with the District Bar Association. Parashar says that he distributes these books to lawyers so that they can study and defend their clients’ cases well. According to Parashar, the committee has so far distributed law books free of cost to young lawyers 15 times. Apart from this, the committee has also got medical insurance policy done free of cost for Class IV employees of the Bar Association. The special thing is that whatever work is being done for the lawyers by the Chairman LN Parashar Committee, he himself spends the money spent on them.

Coaching classes will start again for Judiciary exam:

Judicial Reforms Sangharsh Samiti had started coaching classes for Judiciary exams for young lawyers. But this class was closed during Corona. Parashar said that coaching classes would resume soon. The committee is preparing for this. Parashar said that he had started coaching classes so that those lawyers who are not financially well off and want to prepare for the Judiciary exam, they can come to the bar room and join the coaching classes and prepare. He said that coaching is given here for free. Coaching is given by retired judges. Parashar said that the coaching will start from next month. The committee will also help with notebooks for the young lawyers who come for coaching classes.

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