Jalaun police arrested 3 robbers: pistol, cartridges and tractor trolley recovered, 1 month ago they robbed by intoxicating substances

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Jalaun Police has arrested three inter-state robbers. The police have also seized tractors, pistols and cartridges from them. A month ago, the robbers robbed the tractor trolley and its owner by intoxicating the tractor driver and his owner.

Disclosing this matter, Inspector-in-Charge of Churkhi, Nagendra Pathak said, “Bhagwan Das Dohra, a resident of Kashirampur village of Kalpi Kotwali area, had lodged a case of robbing a tractor trolley against 3 unknown people at Churkhi police station in Jalaun on July 17. .

In this, Bhagwandas Dohra had told that his son Sohan Singh and Pradeep Kushwaha, a resident of the village, were standing on the roadside with a tractor outside the village on July 16. At the same time, three unidentified persons came on a motorcycle and they had made a deal with the boy Sohan to bring the bee box from Madaripur to Itaura, on which his son and Pradeep, a resident of the village, were going after negotiating the deal. The three men had robbed the tractor trolley after intoxicating the son and Pradeep.

315 bore pistol recovered
Since then, teams have been deployed for the disclosure of the matter. The Churkhi police arrested Karunesh Shukla of Kanpur countryside and Inder Kumar, Rahul of Mathura on the information of an informer near Simhra intersection. These three people were roaming in the area with the intention of looting. 32 bore revolver, 315 bore pistols, cartridges were recovered from them.

Police arrested 3 robbers

Police arrested 3 robbers

When questioned, the said people mentioned the incident of tractor trolley robbery. The arrested people told that they had fixed the tractor trolley on rent from Kalpi area a month ago. After this, they smelled intoxicants to the driver and his companion, took them off at different places and fled with the tractor trolley. But the tractor was caught by the police of police station Rajepur district Farrukhabad. But he escaped by dodging the police. When he was roaming around in the robbing of another tractor, which was caught by the police here today. The same arrested police is searching the criminal record of the three arrested people. The same police took action against the three accused and sent them to jail.

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