India’s defeat angered Arshdeep: Khalistani trolled on Twitter, Harbhajan Singh and other cricketers came to the rescue

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Arshdeep Singh trolled in the middle of the match.

India lost to Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2022. This was India’s first defeat in Super-4. But at one point India’s victory seemed certain, but Pakistan changed the course of the match due to strong batting and mis-fielding of Indian players and wrong bowling of bowls. India had to face defeat.
Harbhajan Singh leaving the catch of Pakistani batsman Asif.

Harbhajan Singh leaving the catch of Pakistani batsman Asif.

In the final round of the match, young player Arshdeep Singh, who came out of Punjab, was dropped by Asif Ali in the 18th over. Since then, Arshdeep has started getting trolled a lot on Twitter. Some Twitter accounts called him Khalistani. Not only this, calling him a traitor to the country and asked to be thrown out of the game. Seeing more tweets, former bowler and MP Harbhajan Singh was first seen standing in favor of Arshdeep.

Harbhajan said – Arshdeep is gold

Harbhajan Singh tweeted from his Twitter account and said that youth should stop criticizing Arshdeep Singh. No one deliberately drops catches… We are proud of our boys… Pakistan played well… Shame on people who humiliate our own people by saying cheap things to this platform Arsh and team. Arsh is gold…

Questions also raised on accounts calling Arshdeep Khalistani

After Harbhajan Singh’s troll, many youths supported the team and Arshdeep. Everyone has lashed out at Arshdeep for being a traitor to Khalistani and the country. People say that Arshdeep is a young player. Some people have even questioned the accounts calling Arshdeep Khalistani and said that it is being trolled deliberately by Pakistan to humiliate the Indian team and Arshdeep.

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