In the orthopedic camp, the doctor said:: People who are making changing lifestyles are victims of arthritis

FaridabadOne hour ago

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Faridabad. Dr. Yuvraj Kumar examining a patient at the orthopedic camp.

  • Mega Orthopedic Camp organized on World Senior Citizen Day. In this, health check-up of 250 people was done.

Mega Orthopedic Camp was organized on World Senior Citizen Day at Accord Hospital, Greater Faridabad. In this, health check-up of 250 people was done. In the camp, Dr. Yuvraj Kumar, Chairman, Orthopedic Department of the hospital said that changing lifestyle and wrong eating habits are giving rise to the disease of Arthritis.

He said that along with the elderly, the youth are also becoming increasingly victims of this disease. People consume junk food, fast food, cold drinks etc. Due to this people are not only becoming a victim of obesity but they are also falling prey to painful diseases like arthritis or arthritis. Dr. Yuvraj Kumar said that a person suffering from the problem of Arthritis sometimes faces unbearable pain. The person becomes so weak that he feels tired even after walking two steps. Along with this, he has a lot of difficulty in walking and sitting. During this time he may also have problems with joint pain. The person suffering from this disease becomes very weak and it is necessary to get treatment. In the camp, Dr. Rakesh Kumar said that rheumatism is spreading rapidly among the people today. People suffering from Arthritis have severe pain in their body. Stiffness in knees and hip bones was seen in most of the people who reached the camp. Many people were having trouble while moving their hands and feet. During this, many tests including BP, sugar, thyroid of people were done free of cost. Dr. Arunesh Kumar, Dr. Nikhil Sachdeva, Dr. Naman Goyal were also present in the camp.

disease Of Symptoms: Pain in the joints, pain in climbing and descending stairs, falling asleep while sleeping and feeling the need for medicine.

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