In Mau, the teacher was beaten up by dragging him from the car, VIDEO: The student who was expelled from the school attacked with his colleagues, threw stones at the car

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Young man beating the teacher with kicks and punches.

In Ranipur of Mau, a teacher was beaten up by youths after stopping the car on the middle road. The youths first dragged the teacher out of the car, then attacked the car and started beating the teacher. While beating, the accused threw the teacher on the road. After the video of the beating surfaced, the police registered an FIR against one named and three unidentified persons.

Sunil Yadav, uncle of teacher Pankaj Yadav, who was injured in the fight, said, “ The incident is of August 2, nephew Pankaj was returning from Khurhat’s Daiyamai Dham after shaving his nephew. On the way, four youths stopped the car and dragged Pankaj out and threw stones at the car and thrashed the nephew on the road., One of the accused is known to Pankaj. ,

revenge for being expelled from school

According to Sunil YadavPankaj is a teacher in a private school in Ranipur. Makhan Rajbhar, who was studying in his school, was expelled from the school for a day by Pankaj in November 2021 for being late and for indiscipline. Since then Makhan was trying to take revenge on Pankaj. On 2 August, he got a chance and beat up Pankaj along with his three companions.,

The car was hired, the driver was also beaten up

Teacher Pankaj said, The car was rented, which was being driven by the driver. The accused also beat up the driver. He saved his life by running. My sister and nephew were also in the car at the time of beating, the sister kept screaming and pleading for me to leave but the student and his companions kept beating me. ,

Young man beating the teacher out of the car.

18 days passed, police could not catch a single accused

Regarding the action of the police not catching a single accused so far, CO Mohammadabad Gohna Naresh Kumar said, “A case was registered against 3 accused including accused Makhan on August 2 on Pankaj’s Tahrir. After getting the video of the incident, It will help in identifying the accused and taking action against them. Soon all the accused will be caught.”

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