In Lakhimpur-Kheeri, the miscreants demolished the house with a tractor: the victim pleaded for action, the SP lines up two policemen

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In Bhira area of ​​Lakhimpur Kheri district, a video of the incident went viral after the miscreants demolished a house with a tractor. In which Dabangs are seen demolishing houses with two-three tractors. A complaint was lodged in the Bhira police station in the matter.

demolished house due to land dispute

The miscreants first broke a part of the house with the tractor and then demolished the whole house on sight. This video is from the side of the highway in the town of Bhira police station area of ​​Lakhimpur Kheri. In fact, Akhtari Begum lived here with her children by building her own house, whose land dispute was going on with Gurbaksh Singh and Naseeb Singh, who lived in the neighborhood. The aggrieved party is alleged to have illegally occupied the land. Here, without taking any legal action, the dabangs directly landed the house.

Dabangs demolished house with tractor with 15-20 people

Dabangg Gurbaksh Singh and Naseeb Singh along with their 15-20 men came here with sticks and rods and demolished their house with tractor. Neither any legal action nor waiting for the decision of any court, and this pucca house of Akhtari Begum was demolished with a tractor. The miscreants threw all the belongings of the house outside the house. During this, Akhtari Begum’s daughter and son-in-law made this video and put it on social media. It went viral as soon as the video was posted on social media.

Samajwadi Party attacked

As soon as this video came on social media, the main opposition party of the state, Samajwadi Party attacked the Yogi government of the state by sharing this video. Samajwadi Party shared this video on Twitter tagging the DGP of Uttar Pradesh. The Samajwadi Party wrote on Twitter, ‘Neither the fear of the police, nor the fear of the law, in the Yogi government, the goons are wreaking havoc on the poor. In Lakhimpur, the power-protected dabangs demolished the house of a poor family with a tractor. Disgraceful and shameful! Justice be with the victim’s family. Bulldozers ran on the houses of the accused.

Police gave information about action on social media

When the matter came on social media, the police also swung into action and a case is registered. After this, three people are also arrested, assuring proper action on the matter from the police. After this, information is shared on social media by the police that the police station Bhira arrested 03 accused who tried to demolish their opposition’s residence with a tractor and kill them on the disputed land.

SP lines up two policemen
SSI and SO Bhira Deepak Rathore, who was negligent in the Mahila Akhtari Begum case, has been suspended by Superintendent of Police Sanjeev Suman with immediate effect. Along with this, orders for departmental inquiry against him have been handed over to Additional Superintendent of Police Arun Kumar Singh. The victim Akhtari Begum met Palia MLA Harvinder Singh Sahni alias Romi Sahni and told her pain. So he has given them financial help of ₹ 5000 immediately, assuring them of full help.

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