IMA came out in support of Dr Johal: Warning – OPD and emergency services will be closed in private hospitals if the name is not removed from the FIR

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  • IMA In Favor Of Dr. BS Johal, Warn Government Remove Name Of Doctor From FIR, Otherwise They Stop The OPD And Emergency Services

Jalandhar32 minutes ago

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IMA officials meeting with Police Commissioner.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has come out in support of Dr BS Johal after a case was registered against him under the SC-ST Act after the death of a woman at Johal Hospital located in Ramamandi, Jalandhar. The officials of IMA also held a meeting with the Commissioner of Police, Jalandhar today.

The officials of IMA appealed to the police commissioner to remove the name of Dr BS Johal from the FIR. He alleged in front of the police commissioner that a case has been registered against Dr BS Johal out of political hatred. IMA officials said in front of the police commissioner that if the name of Dr. Johal is not removed from the FIR, they may have to oppose it.

National Vice President of IMA Dr. Navjot Dahiya, State level officials Dr. Alok, Dr. Sushma Chawla, Dr. Amarjeet Dr. Deepak Chawla etc., while supporting Baljit Singh Johal, have directly warned that it was lodged due to political rivalry. If the matter is not canceled, he will close the OPD of private hospitals. First this sequence will be started at the district level. After that it will be run at the state level. Still, if the case is not quashed, he will be forced to shut down emergency services at the hospital, he said.

IMA members said that if the government does not pay attention to this matter, then in the coming time any doctor will refuse to take emergency cases along with closing the OPD. After this, all the problems that the public will face will be the responsibility of the administration.

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