IGI-3 Airport: Now private parking at IGI T-3 is free, no longer have to worry

IGI-3 Private Vehicles Free Parking Rules : Good news is coming out for the passengers traveling from Terminal 3 of Indira Gandhi International Airport in the country’s capital Delhi. If you go to Terminal 3 to receive someone, then there is no need to worry about parking.

Multi-Level Car Parking
Let us tell you that you can park the vehicle in Multi-Level Car Parking. You will not have to pay any charge for this. But the time has been fixed for this. This facility is made for private vehicles only. You can also park your commercial vehicles in this but they will have to pay a charge.

was enough trouble
People used to arrive at Terminal 3 to receive their relatives. At that time, he used to wait outside the airport in Lane 3. During this, many times the policemen used to ask the vehicles to be removed from there when the crowd was high. And many times people were even invoiced. Passengers had to face problems.

15 minutes free
Now private vehicles are allowed to be parked without charge in multi-level car parking. But the time has been fixed in this. Parking will be free for 15 minutes only. After that he will have to pay the charge. This facility is only for private vehicles.

they will have to pay
For parking commercial vehicles, the prescribed parking charge will have to be paid. According to Dial, this facility has started from today. The new system will provide convenience to the driver as well as the passengers. Passengers can come from Terminal 3 and go straight to the parking lot and from there they can sit in the car to the destination.

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