House Planner: Now the dream of building a house cheaply will be fulfilled, the prices of cement and bars have fallen

Cheap Ways To Build a House in India : Inflation is going on in the country. In such a situation, you are able to fulfill the dream of building your own house with great difficulty. But now relief news is coming out. Let us tell you that the prices of cement and bars used to build houses, houses, shops have come down. It is known that till some time ago there were record heights of cement and bars. This decline has come to the fore due to the steps taken by the government and the decrease in demand due to monsoon.

Saria came below 60 rupees
The most important thing in building a house is the retail price of TMT Bars has come close to Rs 65 thousand per tonne. However, in the month of April, its price was close to 75 thousand rupees per ton. The retail price of bars has come down to below Rs 60 per tonne. Which had crossed the level of 80 thousand in April. During this, the price of branded bars has come down from Rs 1 lakh per tonne to Rs 85 thousand per tonne.

50 kg cement was Rs 385
A fall has been registered in the price of Ultra Track Cement. Let us tell you that in April 2022, the price of 50 kg cement sack had reached Rs 450. But today the price of all types of cement is within Rs 400. Ultra Track’s 50 kg cement sack is beyond Rs 385.

brick prices also fell
Let us tell you that the price of bricks used in houses had crossed Rs 6000. At the same time, there has been a decline in the prices of these bricks. The cost of building materials like tiles, sand and dust has also come down.

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