Hooliganism: Town park became a haven for mischievous elements, people enter with pistols, people coming to the park create an atmosphere of fear

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  • Town Park Became A Haven For Mischievous Elements, People Enter Even With Pistols, People Coming To The Park Create An Atmosphere Of Fear

Faridabad3 hours ago

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On Sunday, some such mischievous elements had entered the park from the back gate with a pistol, the city dweller captured the picture, police oblivious.

The town park of Sector 12, the most prominent of the city, is becoming a haven for mischievous elements. Such people now openly enter with pistols. Due to which an atmosphere of fear is created among the people who come here. The special thing is that such a situation exists only five hundred meters away from the Central Police Station, but the police do not even know about it. On Sunday evening, a similar sight was seen at the gate outside the town park where several youths in the herd were entering. One of them was waving a pistol in his hand. A city dweller passing by captured his picture. Police station in-charge Central Dilip Kumar says that investigation will be done.

Let us tell that a large number of people come to the Town Park for a walk in the morning and evening. During the holidays, the residents of the city come to visit with the family. Since there is also a sports stadium in front of the park. Every day, mischievous elements keep getting entangled with one or the other player. In the picture sent to Dainik Bhaskar, the city dweller told that she was passing through Sector 12 on Sunday, when a group of four or five boys were entering through the gate. One of them was waving a pistol in his hand. The residents of the city say that such pictures create an atmosphere of fear among the visitors to the park. On the other hand, Dilip Kumar, in-charge of Central Police Station, says that there is a PCR of the police around the park. Apart from this, there are policemen in civil dress also. Even after this, if anyone is doing such an act, then he will be investigated and he will be sent to jail.

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