Heritage theft of Rewa princely state: Theft of sword from the statue of Maharaja Venkata Raman Singh in the Statue intersection, the people who came out in the morning walk were the first to see

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  • Rewa: Sword Stolen From Statue Of Maharaja Venkata Raman Singh In Statue Intersection

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A case of theft of a sword from the statue of Maharaja Venkata Raman Singh in Rewa city’s Statue Square has come to light. If sources are to be believed, people who came out in the morning walk on Sunday morning were seen. After which the people of the city came to know about it.

It is claimed that the vicious thieves have also tried to pull the reins of the horse. But have not been successful. However, due to Sunday being a holiday, no initiative has been taken by the Municipal Corporation. It is claimed that action will probably be taken against the FIR on Monday.

According to the information received, on the morning of September 4, senior citizens were exercising by walking near the statue intersection. Meanwhile, an old man’s eyes fell on the talent of Maharaja Venkata Raman. Saw that the thieves had taken the sword. After sometime a lot of people gathered.

Meanwhile, the municipal staff was informed. On seeing it, it was understood that some thief or mischievous element had damaged the heritage of Rewa princely state. According to history cars, this idol was brought from England in the forties. But the miscreants did not leave him either.

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