Hackers Promoted Crypto Via Tamil Nadu Minister’s Twitter Account

  • Tamil Nadu (NS:) Electricity Minister’s Twitter (NYSE:) account was hacked overnight.
  • The hacked Twitter account promoted Cryptocurrency.

An unknown gang hacked Tamil Nadu Electricity Minister, V. Senthil Balaji Twitter account on Sunday. The short hack uses a different display name “Variorius” and urges users to utilize cryptocurrencies. Over two lakh people followed the Electricity Minister’s Twitter account, and V. Senthil Balaji Twitter account was restored later that day. 

With the rise of social media sites, especially Twitter, political party leaders used to talk to each other on the platform with their opinion. In that way, the Twitter account of Tamil Nadu Electricity Minister, Senthil Balaji, who is active on the Twitter page, was hacked and three tweets were posted. And a post was published on Minister’s Twitter account in the middle of the night.

The first tweet states that DMK has created its own cryptocurrency wallet and enlisted DMK supporters’ help. The following tweet declared that they would like to raise $1 million to help people who are fighting covid-19. And the final tweet claimed that they had developed the cryptocurrency wallet to contribute money to Help India.

Moreover, Senthil Balaji’s Twitter account was recovered later on Sunday afternoon. Regarding the hack Electricity Minister posted the following comments on his Twitter page that;

Hacking social media accounts of government-related officials and celebrities is nothing new, as a result, crypto scams in Twitter accounts are rising. Additionally, hackers are focusing on websites to trick users.

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