GRP released figures: Theft incidents doubled in running trains, robbery graph also increased; Poisoning reduced due to vigilance of passengers

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  • Theft Incidents Doubled In Moving Trains, Robbery Graph Also Increased; Poisoning Reduced Due To Vigilance Of Passengers

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  • More than 9 thousand thefts occurred in trains since 2018
  • There were 883 thefts in trains in 2021, this year there were 1651 cases

The graph of incidents of robbery in moving trains and theft of valuables from women’s purses has started increasing once again. Now the miscreants are stealing valuables from women’s purses in the dark of night instead of heavy items. However, due to the alertness and understanding of the passengers, there has been a decrease in the cases of poisoning and assault in the moving train. This has come to the fore in the data released by GRP.

According to this, within seven months this year, 52 incidents of robbery have been committed by miscreants in GRP SP Bhopal area. There are incidents of mobile and purse theft. The police have arrested 70 accused in 38 cases. The graph of robbery in trains is also increasing rapidly. Last year there were 39 incidents of robbery. In which the GRP has disclosed 34 cases by applying elimination in 05 cases. In fact, after committing the crime in moving trains, the miscreants get down at any station and run away. The police have neither their details nor any evidence. It is believed that it is very difficult for the police to reach these miscreants.

This year… 283 cases ended due to lack of evidence, four dismissed

Till July 31 this year, 1651 cases of theft or purse theft have been registered in the GRP. In which 283 cases were terminated due to lack of evidence. Whereas 04 cases were dismissed by the court when false reports were found. GRP unearthed 366 cases of theft and arrested 487 accused. The police have solved 22 per cent of theft cases this year. Whereas in 2018, out of 3400 cases, 2524 were eliminated and 02 cases were sacked. Revealing 858 cases, 1175 accused were arrested. In the year 2019, 2262 cases were eliminated and in 02 Kharji was imposed. Police put 836 accused behind bars in 622 cases. In the year 2020, out of 950 cases, 519 cases were eliminated. In 264 cases, 377 accused were apprehended. Similarly, out of 883 cases in 2021, 425 had to be eliminated. In 439 cases, 684 accused were sent to jail.

There was no poisoning last year

Not a single case of Jahar Khurani was registered in the year 2021. This year a case of poisoning came to light, in which the police arrested the accused and sent him to jail.

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