Get returns till the age of 100 by investing in this life insurance policy! read details here

Ageas Federal Life Insurance: Since the corona epidemic, awareness has increased among people about buying an insurance policy. In such a situation, now Ageas Federal Life Insurance, the private company of the country’s insurance sector, has decided to launch a great insurance policy. In this family, the investor will get the benefit till the age of 100 years. The name of this policy is Lifesurance Whole Life Savings Insurance. This policy will give a sum assured income. Along with this, people can deal with many important tasks like education of their children, marriage, better retirement plan etc. If you also want to get guaranteed income till the age of 100 then we are giving you information about Ages Federal Life Insurance Scheme-

What will be the benefit in the scheme?
Let us tell you that the scheme that Ages Federal Life Insurance is going to launch for investors is to take people up to the age of 100 years with Sum Assured, Non Linked, Non Participating, Saving Plan. has come. In this, the investor gets a guaranteed regular income after maturity. This is called survival benefit. You can buy this policy for a short term ranging from 10 years to a tenure of 25 to 30 years. 10 year plans are called short term plans. On the other hand, long term plans are called long term plans. You can get survival benefit up to 100 years by investing in this scheme as per your need. Plans with a tenure of 100 years are called life long income plans. The survival benefit amount depends on the amount you have invested and the term of the policy.

Investors got death benefit
Investors also get the benefit of death benefit in Ages Federal Life Insurance. If a policyholder dies before maturity, then the policyholder’s nominee will get the death benefit as a lump sum amount. On survival, the investor gets annual returns every year according to the chosen term. If you have opted for 100 years plan then it will give you returns every year.

What did the company say while launching the plan?
While launching this new insurance policy, CMO, Ageas Federal Life Insurance said that keeping in mind the needs of today’s people, we are launching a policy giving annual return every year. It is away from market risk and helps in giving assured returns to the people. If a person dies before the completion of the policy, then it will help in providing this financial assistance to his family.

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