Ganja coming from Bihar, in exchange for drug syrup: 5 lakh ganja caught in Gorakhpur, used to sell Divyang in codeword

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Drugs are being sent from Gorakhpur to Bihar, while the consignment of ganja in Gorakhpur is coming from Bihar. On Thursday, a youth was caught in the ongoing campaign to control drugs under ‘Operation Nayi Umeed’. Ganja worth more than Rs 5 lakh has been found from that youth. The youth told the police that he brings ganja from Bihar at a cheap rate. Here he sells 5 grams of ganja pudding for 100 rupees.

Ganja was being sold to Divyang
SP City Krishna Kumar Bishnoi said, “There were complaints for several days that ganja was being sold at a dump. A handicapped person was seated there so that no one should be suspicious of that dump. The one who sells ganja sitting in the dump.

After this complaint, the active police arrested Rahul Jaiswal, a resident of Ward number 4 of Salempur on Thursday. Three sacks were found from this young man. In which 25 kg 200 grams of ganja was filled.

gang is working behind it
SP City said, just as the vicious are sending drugs from Gorakhpur to Bihar, in the same way a consignment of Ganja is coming from Bihar to Gorakhpur. In this business the mind of some wicked is working. These people make disabled people sit at the shop so that no one has any doubts. There are many more names in this, which are being searched. Very soon this whole business will be ended and the gang will be exposed.

give ganja on code word
The differently-abled person who used to sell ganja sitting on the dump, used to give Pudiya on telling the codeword. It is being told that its codeword is Pudiya. No customer asks for Ganja but as Pudiya. Due to which the shopkeeper also feels that he is an old customer.

Police took action on many hookah bars
SP City said that ‘Operation Nayi Umeed’ is being run to control drugs. This campaign is to be run till 31 August. Under this campaign, action has also been taken on many hookah bars running in the city. The action will continue even after the campaign date is over.

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