Gangster on gamblers: Three big gamblers of the city were arrested by Raipurwa police and sent to jail, gangsters were absconding

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Raipurwa police sent three gamblers who were absconding in the Gangster Act.

Raipurwa police arrested three big gamblers of the city and sent them to jail on Friday. All three were absconding in connection with the Gangster Act. The police arrested him from near Talua Mandi Raipurwa. All three are expert in gambling and betting. Gangster action was taken against all of them due to lack of improvement even after repeated FIRs were registered.

Arrested vicious were playing gambling and betting in many parts of the city

Raipurwa police station in-charge said that Dhanpat Sahu, resident of Laxmipurwa, is a vicious gambler. Gambling and betting used to happen on a large scale in the area. Even after being jailed for seven gambling cases, he could not give up his habit. Due to this, gangster action was taken against Dhanpat in the past. Sonu Kanojia and Ravi Kumar of Laxmipurwa were made members of the gang, while Dhanpat was gang leader and his accomplices in gambling. All three were on the run since the gangster was found. On Friday, Raipurwa police arrested all three and sent them to jail.

Gambling and betting used to play in many parts of the city

Inspector Osman Ali of Raipurwa police station told that the arrested Dhanpat and his two accomplices used to make gambling and betting in different parts of the city. Even after repeated stopping and lodging of FIR, there was no improvement. Due to this, gangster action has been taken against the three.

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