‘Friend, not my mother, she was like’… now the pain of this Bigg Boss star spilled over the death of Sonali Phogat

Rahul Vaidya On Sonali Phogat: Actress and BJP leader Sonali Phogat, who was a contestant of the reality show Bigg Boss season 14, has passed away recently. Sonali suddenly left the world due to a heart attack while on tour in Goa. Rahul Vaidya, his fellow contestants in the TV industry, has expressed grief over the death of Sonali. Rahul was Sonali’s companion in the Bigg Boss house. In such a situation, he had spent a long time with Sonali. Rahul treated the late actress like a mother. With the media, Rahul shared some old memories related to Sonali.

Sonali was more like a mother than a friend

Rahul Vaidya said that, suddenly he was deeply saddened to hear this news. He couldn’t understand how to react. Singer said- “She has some good memories associated with Sonali. Sonali ji was like an elder sister to me. She also came to attend my wedding and recently when my song was released on Friendship Day, she asked me to sing my song. Was asked to send her on WhatsApp. I am in deep shock. I will not call her a friend, she was more like a mother than a friend to me. Sonali ji was a very loving person.”

Sonali Phogat considered Arshi Khan as her daughter

Arshi Khan, who was a contestant of Bigg Boss, also shared many memories after Sonali’s death. Arshi said, Sonali Phogat considered her like her daughter. She used to make my hair in Bigg Boss. I used to sleep with him. She used to say that you are older in age but you are like my daughter Yashodhara. Arshi and Sonali had a lot of fight in Bigg Boss. In such a situation, Arshi apologized to him after the show.

These contestants also expressed grief

After Sonali’s demise, many TV celebrities have mourned. Many TV celebs including TV stars Jasmin Bhasin, Pavitra Poonia, Ali Goni prayed for the peace of Sonali’s soul. Sonali Phogat, 42, was born in Haryana. She was also a candidate in the assembly elections in Haryana.

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