Fraud case: 99 thousand rupees cheated in the name of special ID of PUBG, crime branch got it back

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After getting addicted to PUBG, a young man was contacted online by a thug. Said that he can give a special ID for good gaming tools. Then got the money transferred from the account of the young man, which the crime got back. According to Crime Branch DCP Nimish Aggarwal, on cyber helpline number 704912-4445, Akarsh told that a thug approached him as a gaming player and also played PUBG.

Then told that to perform well in this game will provide PUBG ID with special tools. He got 99 thousand rupees transferred on the bluff. Did not give ID or return money. When the information was received immediately, the cyber team contacted the concerned wallet company and banks to get Akarsh’s money back.

Withdraw 1.25 lakh in the name of electricity bill payment

Chandrashekhar said that a message came on his mobile that the outstanding electricity bill should be paid immediately, otherwise the connection would be disconnected. After clicking on the link in the message, the miscreant took OTP by filling the debit card information and asking to pay 50 rupees. After this, one and a half lakh rupees were withdrawn from the account of the complainant. When immediate information was received here also, the crime branch contacted the concerned bank and got the money stopped before it was transferred to the hacker’s account.

stay away from unknown numbers

Do not contact if you get messages related to electricity bill payment and connection disconnection from unknown numbers. The crooks cheat by sending the link, taking OTP. If this happens, immediately inform the police station or number 704912-4445.

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