Former municipality president Ramesh Khatik arrested: Police presented in court, SIT team was investigating

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Lalitpur Police arrested former Municipality President Ramesh Khatik in the case of cheating and forgery on Saturday from near Govind Sagar Dam Tirahe. After this the police produced him in the court. The SIT team was also investigating the case of fraud and forgery.

Prabhat Sharma, a resident of Mohalla Chaubayana No-2 of Kotwali Sadar area, had filed a report on June 8. He has illegally bought and sold lands by doing fraud and forgery by former Municipal President Ramesh Khatik, his son Jitendra Khatik and daughter-in-law, former District Panchayat President Jayshree Khatik. Crores of rupees of black money have been earned in the form of property by trading. Ramesh Khatik is also a land mafia. They are also involved in illegal buying and selling of land.

Was accused of collecting black money
In this case, by conspiring by former District Panchayat President Jayshree Khatik, Jitendra Khatik and Ramesh Khatik in the false name of the fictitious name Pinky’s wife Jitendra Khatik, fraudulently and fraudulently bought the benami properties by preparing sale deed. Crores of black money has been collected by doing illegal business of misusing two names of Jayshree Khatik.

Complaint was made to the Divisional Commissioner
A complaint was made to the Divisional Commissioner Jhansi on 2 September 21 in this matter. On which investigation was done by Additional District Magistrate Namami Gange. The allegations were found to be true and the Deputy District Magistrate sent an inquiry to the District Magistrate on May 4. In which it was said in the charge sheet that this fraud and forgery is from 2006 to 2019. Kotwali Sadar Police had registered a case in this matter. On Saturday, the police arrested the accused former municipal president Ramesh Khatik and presented him in the court.

arrested in fraud case
Inspector in-charge of Kotwali Sadar Santosh Singh said that the former mayor has been produced in the arrested court in the case of fraud.

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