Flood-rain caused devastation in Pakistan, 1000 people including hundreds of children lost their lives, emergency called


Pakistan Flood: There is an outcry in Pakistan due to flood and rain. The situation in the country has deteriorated so much that about 1000 people lost their lives due to floods and rains. At the same time, in view of this deteriorating situation, the government has declared a National Emergency.

According to a report published in the Pakistani newspaper ‘Dawn’, due to floods and heavy rains in Pakistan, 1 thousand people died, including 343 children. National Disaster Management (National Disaster ManagementAccording to the authority, the highest number of deaths have occurred in the country since June 14 in Sindh province. At the same time, the situation in Karachi to Punjab, Balochistan still remains worrisome. According to Pakistan media, 70 percent of the country is in the grip of floods and Sindh province is suffering the most. Due to this terrible flood, 30 million people have become homeless in Pakistan.

According to the Pakistan National Disaster Management Authority, 937 people have died in the floods.

  • 306 people died in Sindh province
  • 234 killed in floods in Balochistan
  • 185 killed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • 165 people are reported to have died in Punjab province
  • 37 people have died due to floods in PoK
  • 9 people are reported to have died in Gilgit Baltistan

In Pakistan, from the areas adjacent to the India border to the Afghanistan border, floods have caused havoc. According to the Government of Pakistan, this severe flood never occurred in Pakistan. Due to heavy rains, rivers are overflowing in Pakistan. The water of the rivers is spreading for miles and passing through the settlements. PoK, Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Afghanistan-Pakistan border, Swat valley are badly affected by the floods.

According to the National Disaster Management, Pakistan has received 241 percent more rain in the month of August. Let us tell you, high alert has been issued in 23 districts of Sindh province. At the same time, Climate Change Minister Sherry Rehman says that the Public Administration, including the Pakistan Army, is engaged in rescue work.

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