‘Flood’ of disaster in Pakistan, 1035 people died, 110 districts affected, loss of billions of rupees

Pakistan Biggest Disaster: This year Pakistan’s troubles are not taking the name of lessening. First political crisis, then economic crisis and now flood crisis. The people here are constantly struggling with these problems, since the last few days, the floods have caused huge destruction in Pakistan. Due to heavy rains and floods, more than 1000 people have died in this neighboring country so far, more than 30 million people have been affected by it. More than 10 lakh houses have been damaged.

The seriousness of the situation can be gauged from the fact that the Pakistan government has had to declare a national emergency in the past. Let us know in detail how the flood is causing damage.

The death toll of people is increasing continuously

According to Pakistani news channel Geo News, many districts were flooded due to the rains since June 14, 2022. Due to this, about 1,033 people have died so far. These include 207 women and 348 children. So far more than 1500 people have been injured. If we talk about the last 24 hours, then 119 people have lost their lives, while 71 people are reported injured. In this 24-hour figure, the maximum death has occurred in Sindh province. Here 76 people became victims of this holocaust, while 31 in Pakhtunkhwa, 4 in Balochistan and 6 in Gilgit Baltistan have been reported by the local media. Apart from these, about 5 lakh cattle have also died in the floods.

The economic injury of billions also due to floods

Not only the loss of life, but the economic loss is also happening on a large scale in the floods. According to the report of Pakistani newspaper ‘The Express Tribune’, in this current financial year, Pakistan has suffered a loss of more than $ 4 billion due to floods. In fact, most of the crops have been destroyed due to the floods. Now Pakistan may have to import cotton worth $ 2.6 billion and wheat worth $ 900 million. Not only this, due to the damage caused to the crop, Pakistan may also have to lose one billion dollars worth of textile exports. This disaster can lead to worse conditions in Pakistan, which is already facing financial crisis.

Millions of people have become homeless

According to the news given by Geo News from government sources, a total of 9 lakh 49 thousand 858 houses in Pakistan have been partially or completely destroyed. About 200 shops have also been completely destroyed. NDMA figures show that around 5,773,063 people have been affected by the floods. 51,275 have been rescued in the affected areas, while 498,442 have been shifted to relief camps. At least 3,451.5 km of roads and 149 bridges have been destroyed across the country. Apart from this, there is also information about the breakdown of 6 dams.


how much destruction in which district

According to the report, about 110 districts of Pakistan are in the grip of this disaster. Of these, 72 districts have been declared as disaster affected. The most serious situation remains in Sindh, Karachi, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan province. This is where most of the devastation is being seen. If we talk about Sindh, then 23 districts are in the grip of floods and about 1.45 crore population is affected by this. More than 91 lakh people are badly affected by the floods in 34 districts of Balochistan. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, floods have wreaked havoc in 33 districts and about 43 lakh population is affected here.

This time the rain broke all the records

If we look at the NDMA data, Pakistan has received an average of 134 mm of rain in 30 years, but in 2022 so far it has received 388.7 mm of rain. This is 190.07 percent more than the average rainfall in Pakistan. Balochistan and Sindh are also in the worst condition here. Balochistan has received 5 times more rainfall this year than the 30-year average and Sindh has received 5.7 times more rainfall than the 30-year average.

what is the reason for so much devastation

Climate change is believed to be the reason for this devastation in Pakistan. Due to the rising temperature on the earth, while Europe is facing the most heat and drought in the last 500 years, China is also troubled by the heatwave. There too many rivers have dried up. On the other hand, the second effect of climate change is visible on Pakistan. Here instead of drought, rain has created havoc. It is being told that this monsoon is causing havoc in Pakistan due to heatwave, continuous fire in the forest and melting of glaciers. The Pakistan Meteorological Department has forecast that there may be more rains till September, the situation is expected to get worse.

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