Five youths of Noida submerged in Yamuna: The bodies of the five were found, went to immerse the idol after the rituals

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diver in yamuna river

5 boys from Salarpur in Noida have drowned in Yamuna river near DND on Delhi border. After hearing the cries of the comrades, someone informed the police control room. All of them have died. These five went to Yamuna river near DND to immerse the idol of Shri Krishna. The bodies of the five have been found. The body has been sent to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi.

religious rituals took place

Some religious rituals had taken place here and they had reached the Yamuna river near DND. Late on Sunday evening, these people had gone to immerse the idol and havan material in the river. Then the accident happened. People told that 5 people have been washed away in the river in order to save each other. The five youths are originally from Bihar. Work in face two factories. These are all friends among themselves.
Raised water level of Yamuna river

Raised water level of Yamuna river

accident on number nine pillar

On Sunday evening, they had reached bridge number-9 near DND to immerse the idol of Lord Krishna. While immersing the idol there, the feet of two youths slipped. Three more jumped into the river to save them. Due to excessive water and strong current, all the five drowned. Divers present nearby tried to save the youth.

This was the identity of the youth
Ankit (20) Lucky (16) Lalit (17) Biru (19) Rituraj alias Sanu (20) who drowned in Yamuna river has been identified. With them other people also came to the Yamuna river. The family is in a bad condition. It has been told by the police that the bodies of the five have been recovered.

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