‘First rape and then forced marriage,’ former NDS officer’s daughter alleges Taliban spokesperson

Taliban In Afghanistan: Ilaha Dilawarzai, daughter of former NDS officer, showing the brutal face of the Taliban government in Afghanistan.Ilaha Dilawarzai) has accused of rape and assault. Ilaha Dilawarzai has leveled this allegation on Qari Saeed, spokesman for Taliban Interior Minister Haqqani.

Ilaha shared a video claiming that Qari Saeed first raped her and then forcibly married her. Actually, Ilaha has released videos and pictures of herself and Saeed. In a video, Saeed is seen forcefully entering his house with armed men.

Sharing this video, Ilaha said, “He beat me a lot and raped me every night.” Ilaha continued, “These may be my last words. He will kill me but it is better to die once than to die every time.” Ilaha also told that, he was beaten up so much that he had to be admitted to the hospital. At the same time, so far no statement has come from the government on this whole matter.

One year of Taliban occupation in Afghanistan

Let us tell you that the Taliban is currently occupied in Afghanistan. The Taliban captured Afghanistan on 15 August last year. Afghan civilians have suffered persecution during the one-year occupation. The Taliban government imposed complete restrictions on women’s rights. At the same time, ethnic minorities are being persecuted. At the same time, Taliban completely censored the media, apart from this incidents of misbehavior with many journalists also came to the fore.

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