Fire in a truck running on the highway…: The fire broke out after hitting the divider, the driver saved his life by jumping

Gwalior7 hours ago

truck burning on the highway

  • The incident happened on the Agra-Mumbai National Highway

Suddenly a truck caught fire near Panihar on the Agra-Mumbai National Highway in Gwalior. The truck went out of control and hit the divider and caught fire. The driver has saved his life by jumping. The truck was full of plastic grains. So the fire spread faster. Immediately passersby informed the fire brigade about the matter. The fire brigade, which reached the spot, brought the fire under control after an hour’s effort, but goods worth lakhs including the truck were burnt to ashes. Police have started investigation into the cause of the fire.
this is the whole matter
A truck going from Gwalior to Indore filled with plastic granules met with an accident near Panihar Baragaon on the Agra-Mumbai National Highway. A truck going from Gwalior Highway towards Indore suddenly caught fire. This truck was going towards Indore carrying plastic grains. Soon the fire engulfed this truck. Then the truck driver saved his life by jumping from the truck and informed the fire brigade and the police. On receiving the information, two fire brigades reached the spot and it took an hour to douse the truck engulfed in flames. The fire personnel brought the fire under control after firing water for about an hour. It is being told that the truck driver was driving the truck recklessly, due to which it collided with the divider due to bursting of tires and it caught fire due to short circuit. At present, goods worth lakhs including trucks were burnt to ashes in this fire. At the same time, the police has started to find out the cause of the fire in the truck.
The fire was brought under control, no casualties
Fire officer Vivek Dixik told that there was a fire in the truck on the highway. The fire was brought under control in time. The truck was filled with plastic grains which have been burnt to ashes. But there is no casualty. Two fire brigades had to fire water.

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