FIR registered against Sisodia on August 17 itself: 3 Excise officers, 9 businessmen and two companies also named in Delhi Excise Scam

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In the Excise scam of Delhi, the CBI raids going on at 21 places in 7 states, including the residence of Deputy CM Manish Sisodia, ended late in the evening. The raid lasted for about 12 hours. The officers of the investigating agency had reached Sisodia’s house at 8.30 am on Friday. The officers have confiscated phones and laptops of him and the rest of the family members.

A big thing related to the case has come to the fore. Actually, the CBI had registered an FIR against 15 people including Manish Sisodia on August 17, two days before the raid. It has been claimed that a liquor businessman had given one crore rupees to Manish Sisodia’s close friend.

Name of the accused registered in the FIR.

Names of ex-excise officers also in FIR
CBI has named 15 people including Manish Sisodia as accused in its FIR. The rest of the accused include Delhi Excise Commissioner Arun Gopi Krishna, Deputy Excise Commissioner Anand Kumar Tiwari, Assistant Excise Commissioner Pankaj Bhatnagar, 9 businessmen and two companies. Apart from this, there is a mention of unknown public servant and private person at number 16 in the FIR. That is, the investigating agency can further add the names of some more people to the FIR.

unfair advantage given to traders
The CBI has registered an FIR against 15 people, including Sisodia, on the basis of information sent from the office of Lt Governor VK Saxena to the Ministry of Home Affairs for indulging in liquor policy. The agency has alleged that the accused government officials, including Sisodia, framed the excise policy without taking approval from the competent authority. Its purpose was to give undue advantage to the traders after the tender.
Copy of FIR in which sections of the case are mentioned.

Copy of FIR in which sections of the case are mentioned.

Errors in policy making and implementation
The FIR states that Vijay Nair, former CEO of Only Much Louder, an entertainment and event management company, Manoj Rai, a former employee of Parnod Richard Company, Amandeep Dhal, owner of Brindco Spirits, Sameer Mahendru, owner of Indospirits, was involved in formulating and implementing the excise policy. were actively involved in the disturbances committed during the

Sisodia’s close friend took Rs 1 crore
CBI alleged in the FIR – Amit Arora, Director of Buddy Retail Pvt Ltd Gurugram, Dinesh Arora and Arjun Pandey were close to Sisodia. These people were involved in diverting the liquor licensees to the accused police officers by taking financial benefits. The CBI also alleged that Dinesh Arora of Radha Industries had taken Rs 1 crore from Sameer Mahendru of Indospirits. Dinesh Arora is close to Sisodia.

Manish Sisodia was also present at his official residence during the CBI action.

Manish Sisodia was also present at his official residence during the CBI action.

Crores of rupees reached from Sameer Mahendru to the officers
The FIR states that a person named Arun Ramchandra Pillai used to collect money from Sameer Mahendru. He used to transmit it to the accused officers through Vijay Nair. According to sources, a person named Arjun Pandey once took a huge amount of Rs 2-4 crore from Sameer Mahendru for Vijay Nair.

Liquor King Ponty Chadha’s close friend also named
The agency’s FIR states that in the excise policy, Samir Marwah’s Mahadev Liquors was given an L-1 license. It is alleged that Marwah, who was on the board of liquor king Ponty Chadha’s firms, was in close contact with the accused government officials and was bribing them regularly.

What happened after the CBI raid at 8:30 am, read sequentially…

AAP and BJP came face to face
On the raid, AAP said that this action has been taken to stop Kejriwal. Rajya Sabha MP Raghav Chadha said- CBI raided Arvind Kejriwal’s place, only four mufflers were found and they will find only pencil, notebook and geometry box in Manish Sisodia’s house.

BJP leader Kapil Mishra has claimed that the photo published in foreign newspapers is not of a government school in Delhi but of a private school. Earlier, the BJP had also alleged that there was a deal between Kejriwal and the liquor mafia before the Punjab elections.

CBI team during the raid.

CBI team during the raid.

8.32 am: Sisodia made 3 tweets as soon as the raids started, said- welcome
After the raid, Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia wrote – CBI has come. He is welcome. We are extremely honest. Making the future of millions of children. It is very unfortunate that those who do good work in our country are harassed like this. That is why our country has not become number one.

Manish Sisodia has written about the arrival of CBI at his house and harassing them through three tweets one after the other at 8:32 am.

Manish Sisodia has written about the arrival of CBI at his house and harassing them through three tweets one after the other at 8:32 am.

11 am: Sanjay Singh held a press conference, said- Modiji will not be able to stop Kejriwal, Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh said that Arvind Kejriwal became the Chief Minister of Delhi 3 times. When he went to Punjab, the AAP government was formed there with a thumping majority. Kejriwal’s model of education and health is reaching all over the country. People are joining in the name of Kejriwal in the country, popularity is increasing. Two days ago, he started the campaign to make India the number one country in the world, people are joining from every part of the country.

1. Narendra Modiji does not sleep: Sanjay Singh said, ‘Kejriwal is winning the elections, popularity is increasing. The reason for this is Delhi’s model of health and education. Narendra Modiji does not sleep because of this. There is only one concern that how to stop Kejriwal. The model of education and health has to be stopped.

2. Delhi model becoming popular all over the world: Sanjay Singh said, ‘I want to tell Modiji that neither Kejriwal is going to stop nor the model of education-health. You put the health minister in jail, who gave the model of Mohalla clinic to the whole world. Now preparations are on to put the Education Minister in jail. The Delhi model is gaining popularity in the field of education and health. That newspaper of America prints about the Modi government that millions of lives were lost during the Corona period. The same New York Times newspaper yesterday discusses Delhi’s education model, Shiksha Kranti with Manish Sisodia’s photo.

11.20 am: BJP counterattack, said- deal was done before Punjab elections
On the raid, the BJP alleged that the Kejriwal government increased the commission of liquor licensees. 144 crores of liquor companies were waived. Reduced dry days. Before the Punjab elections, there was a deal between the liquor mafia and Kejriwal that if you provide benefits, you will help in the Punjab elections. Earlier the revenue was 6 thousand crore rupees, it has become less than 5 thousand crores. The shops were increased from 250 to more than 800.

The CBI team reached Manish Sisodia's house at 8 am.

The CBI team reached Manish Sisodia’s house at 8 am.

12 noon: Kejriwal said – this is not the first raid, there will be many obstacles now
CM Arvind Kejriwal said- Why is the country so backward even after 75 years of independence? If we leave the country on the trust of these parties and leaders, then we will remain backward like this for the next 75 years. This is not the first raid, many raids were conducted on Manish in the last 7 years. Nothing has gone wrong in the past, it will not get worse in the future. There will be obstacles, but our work will not stop.

Today I am releasing a number- 9510001000 Those who want to join this mission, who want to see the country as the best nation, they can use this number. Promote. We have to connect 130 crore people with this mission.

Kejriwal tweeted this soon after the raid.  In which he referred to the news published in a US newspaper about Sisodia.

Kejriwal tweeted this soon after the raid. In which he referred to the news published in a US newspaper about Sisodia.

1:30 pm: Section 144 imposed outside Sisodia’s house
A large number of Aam Aadmi Party workers reached outside Sisodia’s house as soon as the news of the CBI raid came to light. However, they have been taken into custody by the police and Section 144 has been imposed around Sisodia’s house.

1:35 pm: Kapil Mishra’s allegation – photo of private school printed in NYT

Kapil Mishra has described the photo in the news of NYT as of a private school. Kapil wrote – This photo is not of Delhi’s government school but of the children of Mother Mary School, Mayur Vihar. Kejriwal and Sisodia are selling lies in the country as well as abroad. Kapil Mishra said that Kejriwal is publishing paid news in foreign media.

1:50 pm: Raghav Chadha said- If there was paid news, BJP would have been seen on the front page everyday
On this statement, AAP MP Raghav Chadha said – There was never any news of any BJP leader published there. It calls itself the biggest party in the world. Richest political party. If anyone can afford them, they should appear daily on the front page of the New York Times. However, NYT in a conversation with NDTV denied the paid news and called it a ground report.

Sisodia’s name was in the Chief Secretary’s report
This CBI inquiry has been started at the behest of Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena. In the report of Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar, it was said that the liquor licensees were benefitted through the new policy. Manish Sisodia was directly named in the report. This report was submitted to the LG. Read full news…

NYT report praises Delhi’s education policy
The report on Delhi’s education policy was published on the front page in the International Print Edition of the New York Times on 18 August. It has a photo of Manish Sisodia’s school visit. The report praised the education policy.

The New York Times published this report on Delhi government schools on 18 August.

The New York Times published this report on Delhi government schools on 18 August.

It has been said in this report that where earlier the identity of government schools in Delhi was dilapidated buildings, poor electricity facility, mis-management, now the picture has changed. The Kejriwal government has spent a huge budget in changing this picture of schools. In the report, some students have also talked about the changes brought in the good education system.

New liquor policy implemented in November 2021
In 2020, the Delhi government had talked about bringing a new liquor policy. In May 2020, the Delhi government brought a new liquor policy in the assembly, which was implemented from November 2021. In this, it was accused of distributing licenses at the behest of Sisodia’s close friends by bypassing the rules.

In the investigation report of the Chief Secretary, the government was accused of breaking 4 laws
Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar’s report said that before implementing the liquor policy, the proposed policy has to be placed before the cabinet. After this, the proposal from the cabinet has to be sent to the Lieutenant Governor for approval, but this process has not been adopted. There were allegations of breaking 4 rules in the report.

1. GNCTD Act 1991

2. Transactions of Business Rules (TOBR)-1993

3. Delhi Excise Act-2009

4. Delhi Excise Rules-2010​

There is more news…

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