Fierce in Punjab Congress: MLA Jakhar calls Pradhan Raja Vading arrogant; Said – respect is earned

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  • Punjab Congress Dispute; MLA Sandeep Jakhar On Sukhpal Khaira And Amarinder Raja Warring Issue

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MLA Sandeep Jakhar and President Raja Vading.

There is a fresh tussle in the Punjab Congress. After Sukhpal Khaira, MLA Sandeep Jakhar has also opened a front against Pradhan Raja Vading. MLA Jakhar termed Vading as arrogant. He objected to Vading’s public remarks on Sukhpal Khaira.

Jakhar said it was the arrogance of the Punjab Congress chief that he publicly rebuked a senior leader like Sukhpal Khaira. Despite this, he wants respect from the cadre. Respect is earned.
Congress MLA Sandeep Jakhar targeted Vading by tweeting.

Congress MLA Sandeep Jakhar targeted Vading by tweeting.

Wading had said – Khaira, do not give advice without asking
The arrest on behalf of the Punjab Congress Vigilance Bureau stood in favor of former minister Bharat Bhushan Ashu. For this, there was a continuous picketing in Ludhiana. Sukhpal Khaira advised Vading not to waste the energy of the entire cadre behind one man. If he is honest then why worry? On this, Vading told Khaira bluntly that advice should not be given without asking. This reduces the value.

Sunil Jakhar’s nephew Sandeep Jakhar
Sandeep Jakhar is the nephew of veteran leader Sunil Jakhar. This time Sandeep won the election from Sunil Jakhar’s Abohar seat. After this Sunil Jakhar left the Congress and joined the BJP. After which Sandeep Jakhar is also showing rebellious attitude. Raja Vading asked him to leave the party but Sandeep challenged Vading to expel him from the party.

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