Farmers returned the team that went to start the highway construction: Farmers opposed the construction of Delhi-Dehradun Economy Corridor highway

Baghpat2 hours ago

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The administrative team, which went to start the construction of the Delhi-Dehradun Economy Corridor Highway in Baghpat, had to face the opposition of the farmers. The farmers, who were staging a sit-in for not getting the highway cut and demanding increase in compensation, opposed the team. After which the team had to return without taking possession of the land. Farmers say that unless they get proper compensation and a cut on the highway in Baghpat. Till then he will not allow the construction of the highway. For the last 30 days, hundreds of farmers are protesting in Tikri village of Baghpat regarding the same.

Today SDM and CO Baraut had reached the village with heavy police force. There was a preparation to get possession of the farmers’ land. But the administrative team had to face heavy opposition from the farmers during this period. The farmers stood in front of the JCB and stopped the occupation. After which the administrative team came back in a shambles.

For the last 30 days, farmers have been sitting on dharna in hundreds in Tikri town, they say that they will continue to dharna till Baghpat is cut and they get proper compensation. On the other hand, when the administration team reached to start the construction work today, the farmers strongly opposed it, due to which the administration team had to return back to the ground.

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